CP in December is USD 772.5, which is increased by  -77.5 USD from November. C3 : USD 795.0/ C4 : USD 750.0

Crude oil price was at their highest level since October 2014 in early last month due to the forecast of an increase in energy demand, reflecting expectations for economic recovery, higher global stocks, an increase in the number of employees in U.S. employment statistics, and the U.S. Congress passing a $1 trillion infrastructure investment bill. However, market conditions plummeted on Thursday due to fears of an expanded lockdown due to the spread of corona infections in Europe, the U.S. deciding to release strategic oil reserves in collaboration with the UNITED Kingdom, China, India, Japan and South Korea, U.S. crude oil inventories exceeding market expectations, and global infections of Omicron coronavirus from 26th.

CP market conditions continued to decline due to the recent decline in demand in India and the decline in crude oil prices, despite the congestion of the Panama Canal and the rise in demand for petrochemistry in China. The propane-butane gap widened to $45 as Saudi Aramco called on term contractors to increase the butane ratio. As for the outlook for the future, OPEC Plus currently maintains a phased reduction plan for cooperative production cuts, but will gather information on the impact of Omicron virus and determine production volume from January onwards. For the time being, the market is affected by coronavirus, and prices tend to fluctuate.