CP in January, 2022 is 725.0 USD/t, which is -47.5 from December,2021.
C3 : USD 740.0/ C4 : USD 710.0

Infection of the variant “Omicron type” of the new coronavirus is spreading, but in addition to the survey results that the risk of becoming severe is low, it was reported that booster vaccination with the existing vaccine is effective in preventing infection. Market conditions rose from the view that the economic recovery would continue. In addition, the decline in US crude oil inventories also supported market conditions in the US weekly inventory statistics released on the 22nd. On the other hand, in addition to entering lockdown in the Netherlands and other countries, the number of new infections with the new coronavirus is the highest ever in the United Kingdom, France, and Italy on the 24th, as the Christmas season has begun and the infection has spread rapidly in Europe. There was a deep-rooted sense of caution about the shrinking demand, such as the renewal of the market, which put downward pressure on market conditions. In addition, the US administration of Biden and major consuming countries have decided to coordinately release strategic petroleum stockpiles as a measure to curb energy costs, the dollar has strengthened and the euro has weakened against the backdrop of the observation of an early US interest rate hike, and the supply of shale oil has increased. The downward factor was the observation that it would supplement the energy. In the end, the January price was 725 SUD / t (-47.5 compared to last month), and the difference between propane and butane was 30 USD. (Reference: ENEOS GLOBE, EIN)