CP in August is USD 355.0, which is increased by 5 USD from July

C3 : USD 365.0/ C4 : USD 345.0

Both propane and butane increased by 5 USD from last month. In crude oil market, factors such as, unexpectedly huge amount of inventory release in the US, the number of operation of excavation rig in the US declined, temporary positive forecast about recovering energy demand due to deregulation of moving across countries, increased the price of crude oil. However the price has not much increased because of, OPEC Plus agreement on easing cooperative reducing of production by more than 2 million barrels next month, concern about declining energy demand due to arising number of COVID infection in the US, and so on. In LPG market, even though now is not the time of seasonal demand, the price steadily increased because of tightened market of shipment, large demand for household usage propane in locked down India, estimate about a few inventory in Saudi. For a while, it is estimated that the influence of investor activity will be unbalanced between positive aspect of inventing vaccination and negative aspect of further spreading infection.