CP in March is USD 610.0, which is increased by 15.0 USD from February.

C3 : USD 625.0/ C4 : USD 595.0

In crude oil market, OPEC Plus declined the production amount due to Saudi’s reduction. Vaccination for coronavirus has been spread worldwide, and there is expectation for recovering economy and resolving the exceeding amount of inventory. In the US, there was a big blackout because of deep freeze in Texas. It gave a crucial impact on producing crude oil, oil refinery, and pipeline, which also caused the price of natural gas increased.

In LP Gas market, China and Asian countries went into new year season, and the demand shrank. Also, there was forecast in the second week that cargo would arrive getting over from Panama Canal, thus the price decreased at the moment. After the third week, Texas case increased the demand and induced the delay of cargo, then the price rebounded.